Analysis of Raw and Refined Sugar

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The European Community has set up rules and regulations for the sugar, that is produced in the EU. Three categories are known: EEC No. 1, EEC No. 2, EEC No. 3. Sugarlab 518 NV test if the sugar meets the requirements of the EEC. The applied test methods are the so-called ICUMSA-methods.


To ensure a continuously high quality of its analyses, Sugarlab participates in several proficiency testing schemes, such as the LGC SUPS scheme and it also participates to the yearly ring test, organised by the Refined Sugar Association / Sugar Association of London.

Sugarlab 518 NV analyses samples of crystal sugar, to check if they meet the EU-requirements, Codex Alimentarius criteria or client specifications. Reference samples can be stored at Sugarlab for three months.

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located in the port of Antwerp

The Belgian Laboratory Sugarlab 518 NV is part of the Peterson Control Union Group and located in the port of Antwerp. For many years, it is specialised in the analysis of both raw and refined sugar. Its experienced staff also advises on quality problems during storage and transhipment of cargoes of sugar. The client portfolio of the laboratory includes sugars producers, stevedores and traders from France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany, but also from non-EU countries, such as Brazil.

Our Team

Tim Thys
Tim Thys
laboratory manager
I am a regular speaker on sugar quality and analyses at international seminars (e.g. Refined Sugar Association seminar London in 2012 and 2013, Kingsman Sugar Conference Geneva in 2011 and guest lecturer at the Russian Academy of Foreign Trade in Moscow in 2006).
Veerle Van Wesenbeeck
Veerle Van Wesenbeeck
quality manager
Bert Bleyenbergh
Bert Bleyenbergh

A quality system is in place and accreditation according to ISO 17025 was granted in October 2012 by BELAC.

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